Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meet the Newest Family to Sell you Soda

On my recent flight from NYC to GR, I was handed this napkin along with my tiny little glass of Diet Coke. The napkin directed me to, and since I aways take instruction from ta, I checked it out.

For the 2013 campaign, Ridley Scott produced a 7 minute video introducing the newest Coca-Cola polar bear family. Along with watching the animated short on the website, you can meet the characters and go behind the scenes.
It's a well done, elaborate ploy to get consumers to interact with a beverage brand on an entertainment level. I'm sure kids everywhere will be asking their parents for the soda sold by Jak, Zook and the Polar Girls... even though the product appears no where in the entire video segment.

The Coca-Cola polar bears first appeared in France in 1922, and appeared sporadically after that until 1993, when the Northern Lights ad reintroduced them, and made them one of the most popular icons in advertising. Since then, they've become an integral part of the Always Coca-Cola campaign and are a particular delight during their annual Super Bowl ads.
You can watch the new movie on youtube or at the polarbearsmovie website.

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