Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cut, Pasted and Pinned

Before there was Pinterest, I  had scissors, glue, bulletin boards... and my little blue book.

Pinterest has greatly organized my life. As a crafty crafter, the ideas pile up, get lost and often forgotten. Before the internet knew how to sort and categorize my thoughts and ideas, I would paste magazine tear-outs and illustrate ideas in notebooks.
Pinterest is now my visual bookmarking system. A searchable bulletin board. I still reference and add to my blue book, but Pinterest is my go-to, for how-to's, decor ideas, typography hints and of course, recipes! 

The anxiety is lessened knowing my ideas are neatly pinned, sorted, and shared! If you're a habitual DIYer and you haven't turned to Pinterest for inspiration and stress-free idea filing... I'd recommend making it a New Year's resolution!

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