Friday, October 4, 2013

Red Carpet Reading Material

Kate Spade never ceases to delight. As an avid book reader, I am in love with the book clutches that recently appeared on her website. Check out the model with Age of Innocence, I love how natural it looks to hold a book!

What looks like an actual book, is actually a practical accessory. The Portrait of a Lady reveals what can be hidden between the pages. 

Apparently this isn't a new idea, as celebrities like Michelle Williams have already been spotted with literary clutches (only makes me love her more!)

And if you don't have 300+  dollars to spend on a wallet, there are some lovely (affordable) finds for book clutches on Etsy! Like this one from RokkiHandbags.
AND, because I have a small obsession with card catalogs and drawers that can be labeled, I'm enthralled by Kate Spade's Required Reading Clutch. Who comes up with these things!

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