Monday, September 30, 2013

Crowded Top Ten

The ArtPrize Top Ten have been announced and I was finally able to make it downtown to see some of the art (or parts of art, as seen behind crowds and between strollers). 

The crowds have taken over ArtPrize, and where I was weary at the beginning of Season 5, I am now simply exhausted. It's been an anticlimactic year, where the crowds are thick, the conversation has actually been quite thin. No one is clamoring "you have to see _________!" 
The Top 25 were essentially all located, in 4 Center Center locations, which leads me to gripe about ArtPrize's primary flaw... location, location, location. 

I haven't quite decided what I'm going to vote for with my final remaining vote. While there are few things that are fine and lovely, there's nothing I really want to give $250,000 to. I'm still waiting for that "wow" factor! At this point, I almost feel like I'm voting based on what i Don't want to win!

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