Sunday, August 25, 2013

Drop In, Drop Out

Ever since the Freaks of Mckinley High went to see Pink Floyd at the Planetarium, I've been eager to experience a laser light show. And good ol' Grand Rapids has not denied me that opportunity!

This passed Friday, I caught Led Zeppelin's Greatest Hits at the Chaffee Planetarium at the GR Public Museum. Now there is a certain cheese factor to be sure, but the show was quite transcendent, throwing you into different dimensions, spinning you around and dropping you back down. And yet, though it was Zeppelln, there were parts that were quite peaceful. 

It was a new way to take in music—songs you're familiar with taken to a whole new level. It's a complete visual interaction and it's impossible to ignore the interplay of sight and sound.  

It may be an outdated technology and notion of entertainment, but not unlike cosmic bowling... it's worth checking out at least once!

The Planetarium is going to close September 14th temporarily to undergo renovations (hopefully this includes replacing the chairs, they were wildly uncomfortable!), but you still have a little time to check out a light show. The Planetarium will reopen in February 2014. 

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