Monday, June 17, 2013

Pink Plastic Paradise

There's nothing quite like a little girl's love of pink. And the ultimate world of pink opened in Florida and Berlin last month.

It took more than 20 pounds of glitter and 100 gallons of pink paint to create Barbie: The Dreamhouse Experience. The 10,000 square foot installation brings Barbie's iconic dreamhouse to life,with more than 350 Barbie dolls and interactive touch screens.

The pink paradise has not been welcomed with open arms in Berlin, however. In fact, it's caused quite the controversy, Berliners are actually protesting Matel's mansion, citing the over-sexualization of Barbie and the underlying message of over-consumption.

What do you think—Is life in plastic fantastic? Does this "experience" set the wrong model for young girls? Or is it a harmlessly fun display of the fabulousness of pink?

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