Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dedicated Heart and Sole

Barbara Shaum has been working the same job for over 60 years. As I stare 30 in the face, I'm well aware of just how long that is. And, wow.
Barbara Shaum, Ltd has been in business since 1962, hand-making what many view to be the very best leather sandals and belts in New York City. The 84-year-old cobbles togethers the shoes herself, putting out only 3 to 4 perfect pairs a week. 

She begins by tracing her clients feet on cardboard, then cuts, soaks and molds the soles. The custom fit shoes have molded arches, meticulously finished edges and are finished with brass nails. 

Starting at $395, it may seem steep for a pair of sandals, but these handcrafted works of wearable art will last for decades. 

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