Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Color-Inspired Win-WIn

I'm obsessed with color. And I have an inability to leave well enough alone. Which I'm constantly painting more walls. And i'm left with shelves of half empty paint cans. But latex paint can't be thrown away, so what do you do with it?? 
Turns out, there's a delightful, repurposing solution! Repcolite, at the Benjamin Moore store on Plainfield, takes old latex paint (that is odor-free and non-clumpy). The paint is then turned into new paint—a 50% recycled paint, called re-coat. The reprocessed paint is a environmentally responsible, top-quality, economical paint and it's available in 20 colors. 

It's an easy way to clean old buckets out of your basement and keep hazardess waste out of the landfill! 

Click here for West Michigan locations and hours.

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