Sunday, April 7, 2013

Underrated for a Reason

I take my fast food pretty seriously. And i would have to agree with these 10 Commandments—there are definitely rules to eating fast food.

So let's talk about Commandment #9: Though shalt have a definitive fry preference. A note here caught my attention... BK "demonstrate the best batter-to-potato ratio in the game right now. I would say Checkers’ highly underrated seasoned fries would beat them out, but Checkers are so sparsely located as to be fast food mirages. I’m not even fully sure I’ve ever been to one."

Checkers you say.... there's one not far from me, and I've never paid it a visit. Well it is now post-lent, and I'm leading a potato resurgence. And today we resurged all over the local Checkers. 

So I ordered myself some fries. And it's important to note that they are seasoned fries. My initial thought was that they tasted like Arby's curly fries, but i quickly realized it was more like the coating on fried chicken. And it's a very thick coating that overwhelms the potatoness of the fry.
My first fry was one of delight, but they effect soon transition to an overly heavy, greasy feeling. I soon realized i wasn't eating fries, but deep fried breading, and it left me unsettled the rest of the afternoon. The taste of grease seemed to linger. (I thought I really was going to resurge...). Additionally, a Checkers large also rang in about 100 calories more than a McDonald large. 

A new fry champ was NOT crowned today. 

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