Friday, April 26, 2013

(Not so) Scrambled in the Shell

I don't eat eggs.... but I'm just so damn curious that a video posted on DesignTaxi a few weeks back led to this...
The video shows you how to hardboil a scrambled egg inside its shell. I didn't know how to hard boil and egg, so first I had to try study up on that... and I nailed it (right). The scrambly one didn't so much work though (left). You can see in the pic that its yolk is a little off center, but it certainly isn't scrambled to a nice pretty yellow.

Here's the original video and the effect I was going for!
The weirdest part is the noise the egg makes inside the shell as you're spinning it. That is one rattled, dead baby chicken!

There will be a round two of this challenge....

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