Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Check it Out: New Life to Gingham

Ever since the calico cat met the gingham dog* I've loved the classic appeal of gingham—everything from Dorothy's dress to Jackie O to picnic cloths.

The resurgence of retro styling is giving this simple pattern new life. 

And thanks to heavy hitters like Kate Spade, who launched her first collection of bags with gingham linings in 1993, gingham is finally having it's day. Kate Spade celebrates the checkered style on their landing page** and they invite you to follow the hashtag #ginghamstyle (get it—like gangnum style??)
I'm charmed by the fresh take mixed with vintage vibes that I'm getting from the rising gingham trend. Can't wait to mix prints this Spring!

*This is a reference to the poem The Duel by Eugene Field. I made the above calico cat and gingham dog to go along with the poem as a 4-H project when i was in middle school.

** See their history of gingham (in a nutshell)

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