Monday, March 4, 2013

Personal Data

This weekend we finally checked out Graphic Design: Now in Production. The collaborative exhibit with the Grand Rapids Art Museum and  Kendall College Art and Design explores the ways in which words and images are used together to produce the visual messages that surround us. Here are two of my stand-out favorites...

Christopher Doyle Identity Guidelines

This is such a delightful concept—Doyle writes up identity guidelines for himself, including approved wardrobe color combinations, appropriate space needed around himself, maximum/minim body size, etc. But along with the clever idea, the copyrighting is spot-on, and it's a smart, tight, well-designed and relavent piece. 

Feltron Annual Reports

Nichiolas Feltron is an influential infographic designer known for his Personal Annual Reports. Shown in the reports is data for the year such as books read, miles walked, and beers drank. His use of charts and statistics is admirable, and the data collected is quite original. Such a great idea, it may deserve to be stolen ;) 

The dual exhibition runs through April 21st and the $8 admission gets you into both locations. In addition to infographics, you'll see animated openings for movies and tv, modern poster designs, and the changing face of magazines. 

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