Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Martha Martha Martha

Let's be honest, Martha looks pretty fabulous for 71. Especially considering she's done time....
But she recently released images of herself modeling in the '60s as a teenager. All I gotta say is... Damn Martha!

Martha released the images as part of the PBS documentary MAKERS: Women who Made America, which  describes how Ms Stewart became one of the first woman in America to be a self-made billionaire.

Martha used modeling photoshoots, getting paid $50/hour, along with her college scholarship to pay her way through school. After which, she turned to the stock market as a broker on Wall Street, until she married Andrew Stewart and her cooking was discovered by Alan Mirken at a party she catered. 

Check out these glamorous shots of the woman who made homemaking glamourous!

See more via Dailymail and watch the MAKERS documentary here.

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