Friday, February 15, 2013

Tater Temptations

In an exercise of self control (and in effort to lose a pound or two) I decided to give up potatoes for Lent. .... I'm going to give that a second to sink in. 

So now, in addition to depriving myself of the well-respected hamburger, I'm without the consolation of my beloved tubers. And this, right smack in the middle of Potato Lovers' Month!
As a means of filling the void, I've decided to take this time to try some things I haven't tried before. So far, this includes brussel sprouts and roasted fennel. Consider the void unfilled. (But I gotta say, I don't hate brussel sprouts!)

When I gave up meat 3 years ago, it started as a 30 day experiment. It's success has led to what I consider full-fledged vegetarianism and burger idealism. One might consider it  self-inflicted torture, I simply consider it a personal and unique relationship with food. 40 days from now, I have no doubt I'll be on the tater-train again. But my faith in my own self-control will be renewed, and hopefully I won't rely on the thick-skinned tubers to get me through my days!

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