Sunday, February 10, 2013

A (Furry) Leg Up

It's hard to say whether the internet has done more to increase the popularity of pictures of cats or naked women. We can argue about which of these is more adored, BUT, I can say the Tumblr Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls is the most perfect combination of both!
Creator, Rachael Aslett, worked with the cheeky clothing company Hurly-Burly to conceive the series of images that juxtaposes sexy ladies with funny felines. Hurly-Burly carries pin-up inspired clothing, and in effort to reach a teenage audience, they turn to Tumblr and it's endless sea of kitties.
The project has turned into a semi-lucrative venture. Aslett  has already received an offer for a book deal for the concept. She says she has accumulated a decent library of both pin-up and cat imagery. She relies on her strong visual memory, and when she sees a particular image, she knows she has a match. 

This project combines two of my favorite things, pin-up girls and kitties. I am just thankful someone had the visual foresight to connect them! I can't share nearly all my favorites here, so get obsessed with the Tumblr feed.

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