Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tied up and Delicious

Back in June of 2011 on one of my very early Burger of the Weeks (#7), I showcased Ed Bing Lee's macrame burger which is part of his delectable series.

But it wasn't until recently that I actually saw this video which showcases Lee's knotting process. The artistic details and patience required in his work is both admirable and beautiful. I like how he compares his technique of combining multicolor knots to Seurot's pointillism.
The way Lee explores the design and concept of 3D form is intriguing in this overrun computer age. I love the idea of creating something simply with your hands. Maybe it's time to try a little macrame myself. I did make a macrame owl once as a teenager—if i recall it looked a little bit like one of these.
Want to try macrame yourself? Pinterest has lots of resources for beginning macrameers

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