Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Revisiting Roald Dahl

While perusing the literary stamps honoring Dickens, I stumbled across stamps for another British author–Roald Dahl, and I suddenly remember watching the Witches as a child and being absolutely terrified. 20 years later, the memory made me shudder–I still can't believe that the man who created the wonderful world of Wonka could create a character so horrific!

Roald Dahl, along with illustrator Quentin Blake, created dozens of individually unique world's – James inside the giant peach, the underground labyrinth of Mr Fox, the book-lined rooms of Matlida... and of course the gypsy caravan of Danny (the champion of the world). This imagination made Dahl beloved by children, but as I think back, I'm wondering how his stories translate as an adult—something tells me they are still valid with age.

So... thanks, to some stamps, I'm inspired to go back and read the stories I read as a child– to discover the underlying themes that I have a hunch were there all along. I just hope I've outgrown the scary bits!

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