Friday, January 18, 2013

POW! from Emma Hack

Body Artist, Emma Hack is getting a bit of love today, as I stumbled across her Pop! Art Body Sculptures on both HiConsumption and Cool Material today.

I love, love, love these for their subject matter, Pop Art qualities and vibrancy. I love how the ladies become an extension of the background. Oh, and oops, did you notice these chics are naked?

But I already loved Emma Hack, I just didn't know it! She's the artist behind the much adored, amazing Gotye and Kimbra video for Somebody that I Used to Know. This sound was seriously on single song loop at my house for weeks!

 The Austrailian artist is most know for her work blending figures into patterned wallpapers, in a fashion that reminds me a bit of OKGo.

But before moving on, make sure you watch the behind the scenes video for one of her more recent projects, Body Crash.
Love Hack's work for the simplicity, organic beauty and originality.

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