Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wine Drank. Wine Painted.

Earlier this year, Brush Studio opened in East Grand Rapids, at the heart of Gaslight Village. The studio offers a unique chance to express yourself creatively with paint—all under the helpful eye of an instructor. 

With a little coercion, I convince a few friends that we could, in fact, do this. Not being painters, with prepped ourselves with wine (which they sell at the studio) and then, coincidently enough, we painted wine. 
It was the most fantastic girls night. The most amazing thing about it was, that although we were all painting the same picture and following instruction from the same advisor, all four of paintings turned out extraordinarily different—but all fabulous. And each one is quite representative of the girl who painted it.

So in the end, painting is not scary. And in fact it's a lot of fun. Before the night was over, there was already much talk about planning a second evening at Brush.

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