Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You Gotta Have It / She is a Real Person!!

There's been a lot of speculation lately (you know, in my little circle) about whether Lisa Frank is a). a real person and b). still alive. Well, an incredible eblast from Urban Outfitters today rocked my world with an interview that answered all my important LF questions.

You remember Lisa Frank, right?? Unicorns and music notes, kitty cats and rainbows. The pink glitz had more power than all the Marvel comic heroes combined!

Lisa's gone through her personal archives to offer a limited time, limited quantity sale of vintage Lisa Frank goods at Urban Outfitters. You can not imagine my reaction when I saw the email—I so totally remember some of these specifically!

Oh and did you see these? Stickers! Of course, stickers!


  1. Her gumball machine was always my favorite image. When I was in elementary school, I had a sticker album full of hundreds of Lisa Frank gumball machines of all different sizes. HUNDREDS. Oh, childhood.

    1. i had a lot of the cats one, including one they show in the video. Seriously though, this was like the epitome of our generation. Such a good flashback!

  2. I still have so many of her stickers at home in my sticker books! I use them from time to time to seal envelopes, and they always make me so happy. Thanks for answering all my Lisa Frank questions!