Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When Light becomes Art

I realized I've let the GR Lights in the Night event pass without comment— and lord knows I have an opinion...

We went downtown to see the lights last week with pretty low expectations. But from the moment dusk hit and the lanterns began ascending we were awe-struck (and slightly terrified of all the flames surrounding us—it's amazing nobody or nothing burned up.)

The Lights in the Night ArtPrize entry has made the paper in the UK, the news in Sacramento and has lit up local-based news and blogs (get it? 'Lit up'?? And apparently it would have made the Guiness Book of Records had the official been in attendance.

I'm glad it made the Top Ten– it was a beautiful and moving experience. However, I am not hoping for it to win. While I think it was a breath-taking sight, it wasn't a new idea, and really took more in the realm of event planning than artistic talent. 

That said, I hope it becomes an annual event in GR. Because I sure want to be part of that magical feeling again. 

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  1. also, it would feel a bit dirty as this is a cultural practice in parts of asia, and for someone to win this based on a cultural practice when those folks are never rewarded for a common but important ritual....