Monday, October 15, 2012

I ________ Mad Libs

A         (adj)       trip to the         (noun)       put me face-to-face with an        (adj)       friend.... Mad Libs has to be one of the most         (adj)       , fun games (with the potential for not-so-innocent         (noun)        that transcend age and         (noun)      
While the game takes on attributes of an old-fashioned parlor game, it dates back only to the         (adj)       1950s. The Mad Libs website gives a        (adj)       history of the games creation, written by one of it's creators, Leonard Stern. 

I         (verb)       that something so simple can continue to prove to be such a joy, and surely a great tool for         (verb)       the brain. There's even a        (adj)       app for your phone, so we never have to go a         (adj)       moment without grammatical         (noun)      .

Let Hilarity Reign,       (adverb)      !

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