Sunday, October 7, 2012

ArtPrize Pride

ArtPrize winds down today, and with Friday's announcement of the winner, I think it's safe to say that Year Four has restored my faith in ArtPrize.

Adonna Khare's Elephants is more than just elephants. It's a menagerie of animals, setup as a large, exaggerated triptych. This piece wasn't just my favorite in the Top Ten, it was my number Two overall, so I guess my right to disparage public opinion has been revoked for the year. 

Khare is a California based artist that creates with a carbon pencil and eraser. Her drawings are not pre-planned and it was rather amazing to watch her work, with no reference imagery, while hundreds of people circled around her. The final piece is an imaginative world where animals coexist, tangled together, and juxtaposed with ordinary objects and events. The manner in which this world breaks free from the paper and continues on the wall adds additional depth and freedom. 

I am very happy this piece will be staying in Grand Rapids. 

The rest of the Top Ten line-up is available on the ArtPrize website, along with the Juried Awards

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