Sunday, September 30, 2012

Public + Art = ?

I know you're all patiently waiting on my take of 2012's ArtPrize Top Ten....Well, yes, I was there for this afternoon's announcement. It would be hard to keep my away from a beautiful ArtPrize weekend (though the crowds did make it so I didn't stay long).

The Top 25 weren't too shocking, or entirely infuriating. But I am taken aback/disappointed in the Top 10. I had made my predictions last night, and I was only 50% correct.

I'm not going to go each one individually, but it is interesting to note, that GR sort of went away from our habit of selecting the cheesy larger than life things that have caused eyerolls in the past (SteamPig?). T-Rex and Norm (the dragon) made the Top 25, but were left behind for the Top 10 (phew!!). Instead we have four 3-D/sculptural pieces, four large fine art pieces, one performance art piece and (one) origami  (which i don't entirely know how to categorize). So it's a good variety, and there's some definite talent there, I would just like to see some "think piece" make it. Art with a deeper meaning, that's thought provoking, that makes an impact beyond a visual one.

That said, 3 of my personal Top 10 is in the public's Top 10. So I can't be too bitter. For lack of anything else disparaging to say about the public, here's my awards (and I know I'm hypocritical, these don't go that deep):
Plexus - Kendall
Elephants - GRAM
Origami - GRAM
Weightless - Independent Bank
Horses in the River (I'm not saying this one's real name again) - Grand River
Collective Cover Project - UICA
More or Less - UICA
Rainscape from East Broadway and Canal - Devos Place
Walk with Us - Calder Plaza
The Lake - Women's City Club

Best Venue Experience: Site:Lab
Best Gallery Experience: The Spot
Best Themed Venue: Calvin College 106 Gallery

Kudos to ArtPrize 2012— As far as art experiences goes, this year ranks second to Year 1 (I don't think anything will beat that first year of wonderment and surprise). My faith in ArtPrize is restored and I'm already looking forward to Year 5.

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  1. That awful name for the horse sculpture! I agree entirely! WHY did they ruin such a cool piece with such a demeaningly cheesy name!? Tragedy.