Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Warning.... Crazy Cat Lady Approaching

I was in quite a panic Saturday evening when I thought I'd locked myself out of my Facebook account. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized I'd been trying to log into Daffy's FB account using my own birthdate. 

Yes.... Daffy has a Facebook account. Or had rather, as it's been inactive for several years. In my defense, I created it before Facebook became Babybook and Petbook and Weddingbook and Networkingbook and Newsbook and Marketingbook and Productplacementbook. (Hmm, we're really expecting a lot from one book here guys...). 

Daffy's account started out of a painfully funny conversation 5 years ago, where we decided it was wildly important that the world meet Daffy's friends. And I still think it's important, so allow me to introduce you to a few of Daffy's closest compadres. 

Two super heroes waiting for the call

The gang, stepping away from the creek to visit Boston

Two Big Guys in Costume

Jack, Punky and Dick - Dear old friends
Those gabby Gilmores and some less friendly ladies
Sigh... Daffy and her friends have had some good times. It's fun looking back.

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