Monday, August 13, 2012

Reigning Fifth Avenue Champs

Last Spring when I was in New York* my favorite Fifth Avenue window was hands down the Louis Vuitton ostrich series. The pink and gold just screamed with richness, fun and style. And the Ostrich, which played well between the windows, was unique, while remaining regal with just enough spunk.
So I was certainly eager to see what they had up there sleeve to wow me with this year. Once again, they had a certain amount of 'wow' in store—the design wrapped up the side of the building, and I knew I was getting close from blocks away. 

The display featured a current Louis Vuitton's collaboration from a designer that I am not familiar with. But I am familiar with polka dots, (we've had a love affair for quite some time) so I immediately was drawn to this display. It was vibrant, whimsical and a bit funky, and I found myself intentionally walking passed this corner so I could catch another look. I wasn't the only one, as people lined up to take pictures with the crazy tentacles. 

What's amazing about this window is that it drew me in, despite my having no idea who the artist was. And even though it didn't showcase the product, I knew I wanted everything in the collection.
Later, as I walked down Park Avenue, I was surprised to see a similar face and blunt bob on street banners advertising an exhibit at the WhitneyNYC, who is your friend? 

Turns out, Louis Vuitton collaborator and current Whitney sweetheart is Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama, who is known for her use of patterns and polka dots. Kusama often works in large scale environments, and as part of the Whitney retrospective there are two offsite installations in the meatpacking district. 

The collection of Kusama's work and the related exhibition Fireflies on the Water, is showing  until the end of September. And in a genius bit of marketing, the whole thing is sponsored by Louis Vuitton. Well played Louis.** 

I, myself, am so mesmerized by all the dots and colors that I'm tempted to hop back on a plane for NYC to take a frolick through the Whitney!

*Ok so I lied, I obviously wasn't done blogging about NYC. 
**Sarcasm aside, I do sincerely think it's great that retail driven entities can find a way to support the arts. Self-serving or not. 

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