Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

It was a beautiful August afternoon today, so we headed South to Kalamazoo to see Elliott Erwitt's Dog Days exhibit at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.

The exhibit celebrates photographer Elliott Erwitt's love of man's best friend. The French photographer was not someone I was familiar with, but seeing as I'm now required daily to work with dog photography, I was interested in seeing Elliott's point of view.

Turns out, Erwitt is an expert observer, often turning ordinary situations into ironic portraits. Born in France in 1928, Erwitt has lived in Germany, France, New York and LA. His work with Magnum Photos has sent him traveling all over the world. 
A review of his work revealed that Erwitt has a strong appreciation of canines and a tendency, however intentional, to photograph them. Erwitt's a unique perspective and mastery of composition has created a distinctive collection of dog photography. It is a heartfelt tribute to our furry friends and a surreal analysis of man's relationship with dogs. 

To see a selection from Erwitt's family of dogs, you can visit the KIA before September 23rd or browse  this beautiful book. And if you are headed out to Kalamazoo, I suggest you add dinner at Food Dance to the itinerary.  

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