Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Great 'Scape

It's time for me to accept the fact that asparagus season is over. But I've so enjoyed this veggie fling that I've decided to have a series of vegetable affairs—mini obsessions* focusing on one veggie at a time.  I will share my findings here, tagging the series "veggies".

I'm going to start with a vegetable that's new to me—The garlic scape**. These are similar in appearance to green onions but are actually the shoots of the garlic plant. 
I was brought these by a farmer friend of mine. And I was eager to see what I could make of them.

On Tuesday, I grilled a pizza and used sliced scapes as one of my toppings. It tasted like garlic—but fresher! I can't really explain it, but if you like garlic (and I do) I'd look into it. 
On Wednesday, I made a garlic scape pesto. Which I served over gnocchi and peas; a little tarragon for seasoning and it was quite delicious. I then froze the rest of the pesto in ice cube trays, because it's easy to retrieve a serving at a time that way.

Friday night I made a stir fry. It was a rather unusual combination for me, and it seems that frying the scapes as long as I did, really muted the garlic flavor. I could really smell it while it simmered but it was rather subtle when I ate it. 
Saturday I tried a little experiment—a nice loaf of bread sliced and filled with butter, chives and scapes–then roasted! Yup, I'll be doing that again. 

So results? I like scapes, but I like garlic, so it's that's not a huge shock. But it is a fresh alternative to the traditional clove. I'm thankful for the discovery.

*Obsession is a personality trait- I get equally obsessed television programs, songs, and now and then, an actor or two.
**In Botany a leafless stalk rising from the ground.


  1. Make a garlic scape hummus! I made a green olive one as a spread for my fig sandwich, but a garlic scape one would be just as yummy.