Monday, July 30, 2012

Brooklyn Art Library: A Global Artist Tour

I stayed in Brooklyn last week, but with my predilection for Manhattan, I found myself constantly traveling back under the river. Luckily, on my final day there, my flight was delayed and I made it to Brooklyn Art Library before my flight. 

The Brooklyn Art Library is home to the Sketchbook Project, a traveling library of artist books created all around the world. The Library is lined with shelves with the hundreds of sketchbooks people have submitted to the project.
These little books were some of the most beautiful and emotional works of art I've ever seen. And getting to hold them and flip through them made it very strong and personal experience. 
If you're in the area, check it out, the library is located at 103A North 3rd St. in Williamsburg or if your an artist I encourage you to participate. Participation is $25 and you get a blank journal. When you turn your book in, it will then go on tour around the world—you'll be able to see when and where people check your book out and see their comments. Imagine, people the world over, handling and admiring your artwork. After five years, you can contact the Library to have your book returned to you. 

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