Thursday, June 21, 2012

All Loopy/Hoopy over Asparagus

I stopped by the Plainfield Farmer's Market last Thursday to pick up some asparagus. While I was there I bought a Hula Hoop... because that's a normal response to seeing fresh vegetables. 
I'm hoping this will be a fun way to squeeze a little fitness into my day. It's a 46" hoop, weighted with water. The water helps with the centrifugal force, which makes it easier to keep the hoop up. The larger the diameter of the hoop the easier hooping will be. 

If you're interested in purchasing your own fitness hoop, you should contact Ken of Hoopy Go Lucky at He will let you know where he's showing next!


  1. I love hula hooping. I learnt how to make those and went a bit crazy and made ten. It is great fun! Enjoy!!

    1. Seriously? That is slightly crazy! Did you make it out of PVC Pipe? That's what this guy did.