Friday, April 6, 2012

Blending into a Trend

I hadn't seen or heard the word ombre since color theory class, but this week it seemed to litter my blogroll. Starting with these
amazing tights from BZRshop.

Then, at some point today, I stumbled across this ombre-esque furniture from Lucas Maassen & Sons*. Which is beautiful in it's simplicity and intriguing with it's story. I could whitewash to my hearts content and my efforts would never look this effortless.

Want to try ombre yourself? Here's a great step-by-step breakdown for hand-dying a t-shirt from witandwhistle.

*In addition to their furniture, I also love the LM&S logo!
**Don't want to DIY? For $1500 you can have the folks at Anthropologie do it for you!

1 comment :

  1. And to conclude the week... this lovely vintage violet ombre dress as seen on pinterest!