Monday, February 13, 2012

Outlook Bright

In case you haven't been to the mall lately, the Spring fashion color report is in... and it's bright. It's bright and it's striped and I'm in love with it!

Yes sir, the Color of the Year is Tangerine, (See Pantone's full Fashion Color Trend Report for Spring 2012) and according to today's DSW mailer, "This season, we're inspired by bright colors and playful prints."

Don't believe me, simply surf on over to your favorite clothing sites. Here we have Gap, Banana Republic, Forever 21, NY&Co, J Crew and Kate Spade.

Of course, Anthropologie isn't about to be shown up by no-one. Check out their incredible Spring Windows.
And, for the cherry on top—while I was typing this Target commercial came on. "Color Changes Everything." Nuff said.
Anyhow, I'm excited for the season, and not just because I despise snowy weather, but because I know it's going to be a great one for color, clothes and shoes. Brighten up— it's going to be great!

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