Saturday, February 4, 2012

At Home with Martha (Stewart that is)

It was a long, hard week, so by Friday evening I was more than ready for a little TGIF. So I stayed in with the March Martha Stewart and some Boy Meets World dvds (see heeelarious outtakes here).

Now despite the issue's lackluster cover (seriously, must Martha be on every other cover?) the inside content did not disappoint.
This image, which really didn't seem to correlate with the rest of the issue's design at all (I think it's awesome despite it's seemingly randomness), has me geeked about Spring gardening plans.

It's February and 50 degrees out—in Michigan. Bulbs are already making appearances; my mother has Snowbells blooming in her backyard. And with Martha's March garden preparation tips, I'm more than ready for Spring.

I'm just crossing my fingers we're not being teased....

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