Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Feast of Sides

Being a vegetarian hasn't really changed my life, but not eating chicken means it's probably been over 6 years since I'd been to a KFC. Last night, we went and bought all the KFC sides and biscuits and had a winter picnic on the living room floor.

It seems that in the last decade, the colonel has changed his menu, dropping several sides, including potato salad and corn (unless this varies daily or by branch). So our picnic consisted of mashed potatoes/gravy, cole slaw, mac and cheese, baked beans and biscuits.

Our conclusion was, that this was a genius idea and we'd totally do it again. Next time we'd skip the mac and cheese, as the cheese was obviously mixed from some sort of powder, and we'd get twice as many biscuits. The biscuits were exactly as tasty as we remembered them... but smaller.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the biscuits** that keep KFC in business.

**Gonna have to try this recipe while the taste is still fresh in my memory. See if this recipe comes close. Have a hard time believing the colonel would share all his secrets!

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