Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Wanna Go Home

It's officially my longest relationship!* Longer than I was in any school, longer than any job I've had.... I've been in my house for 5 years today.

Buying a house wasn't the plan, it was a stubborn, impulse purchase, and, of course, right before the real estate market crashed. But it was one of the smarter moves I've made, and I like it much more than I anticipated— yard work and all. (I could do without the snow shoveling however).

I guess it all worked out okay.

Here's me and my house on move-in day, December 22, 2006. Look at that, 5 years and countless haircuts (and colors) later I've pretty much come full-circle. Now if only those jeans still fit!

No snow that Christmas either, 50+ degrees out and the yard needed a good raking!!

*My Ford Escort and I were actually together 12 years. We parted last December. I think of her often.

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