Sunday, October 16, 2011

They Brought Their Own Pumpkins

The signs are all around us: football clogs the television stations, leaves crackle underfoot, and the house distinctly like cinnamon (or is it nutmeg?). Autumn is here.

Summer made a valiant effort, giving us it's last stand with 80 degree weather just a week ago. But Autumn has taken over. And while I know this means snow is mere days away, I decided to celebrate this transitional season with a Pumpkin Carving Party.

I hadn't carved a pumpkin in well over a decade, and I wanted my friends around as witnesses, in case I detached a digit or some such thing. That, and I needed them to help me eat my double bundt.

It was a distinctly Fallish afternoon. Take a look:
Every party starts with an invitation and a little inspiration.
And snacks. There must be snacks.

It's our diverse pumpkin collective. A masterpiece in itself.
Snacks to go! I had never made granola before, but thanks to Martha I now know how.
Party's not over yet— I still have seeds to toast! And luckily we didn't need it, but I had the first aid kit all ready to go!

I think harvest time is best at twilight! After being inside all day with the fresh squash, burning candles, mulling wine and crackling (electric) fire, the house was toasty warm and smelled cozy and delicious.

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  1. If you ever start a band, it should be called Double Bundt.