Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shopping for Good Design

I admit it: I like pretty things. Not sparkly pretty like diamonds, but things that look nice and uncluttered. Things that are well designed and are functional items we can use in our everyday life. Things that are practical and beautiful.

There's no catalog that exemplifies what I mean than the MoMA catalog. The MoMA store continuously offers innovative products that are fun to look at and simply make sense. This description is taken from the MoMA website.

"New York’s Museum of Modern Art is known for its extraordinary exhibitions and for presenting the world’s finest collection of modern and contemporary art. ....the MoMA Design Store exemplifies good design with a well-edited selection of products highlighting the latest in materials, production, and design concepts from around the world."

Here's a few personal favorites taken from the MoMA site:

Half Pint Creamer: It's kitsch with a purpose. There's no surprise here that I like it. Nothing says cafeteria like milk in cardboard boxes.

Collapsable Salad Spinner: Salad spinners are totally necessary. What frustrates me with these necessary kitchen items is how much cupboard space they require. Cupboards should be built like Mary Poppins' carpet bag. Million dollar idea right there. Someone make it happen. (Also I really want the dress Jane is wearing in the above clip. Make that happen too.)

Ray Tray: The mesh of this fruit rack prevents produce from spoiling. Love that the tiers keep veggies from squishing each other or disappearing under the depths to mold in secret. Also, the technique of building up and not out allows more storage with less counter space. Appreciated.

Conceal Bookshelf: I love books. And I love the idea of stacking books from floor to ceiling. But this is an illogical desire, because how would I access the books at the bottom? Problem solved.

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