Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Before and After: The Wall

I know many of you were horrified when I said I took down "the wall". Well rest assured, I never took it down, it was just time for an update. Phase 2 shall we say?

I was very happy initially to have the wall complete, but the squareness of it always bothered me. Granted, I planned it out that way. The OCD alignment nerd in me did the math and figured out how to make the wall parallel. But I grew to need something freer. Something with more open space and fewer harsh lines. Something that could evolve and change easily. (Perhaps this is the Gaudí and Wright angels on my shoulders dueling it out).

So one day I just started taking pieces off. And putting them back in different orders. Removing all the black frames lightened up the wall and I added shelves to make it more dimensional and functional.

Before (Phase I)
After (Phase II)
I'm happier now for the time being. But I'm sure "the wall" is certainly still a work in progress.I'd like to add a small, white, ornate mirror and a cuckoo clock but I'm still on the hunt for perfect specimens.

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