Sunday, September 11, 2011

Martha's done it again.*

The 8 page segment Going Bandannas by Rory Evans and Ditte Isager in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living was so beautifully shot and written, that it inspired me to use a classic American bandanna for the cushion on my new entry-seating.

I acquired this interesting throne last summer and was finally able to finish stripping and painting it. With minimal rearranging it now resides by my front door.

When I saw the bandanna feature within the pages of my favorite mag, I knew immediately what my throne needed. What amazed me was how large an actual bandanna is—this pillow is made entirely of one bandana, and finished is probably about 10" square.

I couldn't find the precise article on line but here is a link to some other bandanna crafts ala Martha.

*Inspired me that is.

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