Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Put a Hat on It!

Ever since
Kate and Williams wedding and the fabulous hat sightings, there's been an increasing fascination with the art above the fold. As a salute to the motherland, I decided to have an Afternoon Tea Party.

So on a semi-rainy Saturday, we gathered in our finest finery, raised our pinkies and drank a glass in honor of Kate, William and all those other royal Brits.

It was an afternoon full of cucumbers, crumpets and fewer F-bombs than I'm typically comfortable with.

The winner of the Pierpont: The Award for Best Hat (beating out even Pierpont himself), was Miss Meredith (right), whose handmade creation added an additional 20 inches to her height.
Thanks to all the ladies who joined me in this great hat experiment. Cheers to finding our muchness!

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