Monday, August 8, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub, try this amazing scrub
As part of my vegan dinner party, I made a lemon tea sugar scrub as a takeaway. I got the mix from The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. I was skeptical when I was originally mixing it, but it worked miracles!

I had heard that caffeine is also good for reducing signs of cellulite*. Putting it on your skin, not drinking it. By putting coffee grounds on the skin, the caffeine plumps up the skin, smoothing the texture areas with cellulite.

I found this peppermint coffee sugar scrub. It seems to work well, smoothing out the appearance of cellulite. Plus it smells amazing. However, when the shower water hits the scrub it turns coffee brown, and suddenly I'm standing in my favorite beverage. The grounds stick to the shower walls leaving a big mess. I think in the future I may simply add the peppermint oil to Montano's original tea mixture!

Here's another Lemon Scrub I found via Pinterest— It looks simple and may have potential! But first, I think next up, I'd like to try homemade soap!

*Reducing appearance, not it's actual existence.


  1. Oh and here's many more beautiful scrubs!

  2. That scrub is brilliance in a jar! My hands have never been so smooth!