Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trend Spotting: Spain!
The shoe of Spain. In cities where they walk a lot, a comfortable shoe is important. There was a shoe store every 20 feet in Barcelona. I felt right at home in my Toms. By the by, I'd totally be a Toms spokesperson—if you're going on a vacation involving any sort of walking, it's Toms all the way.

Harem Pants
I noticed harem pants in Italy 4 years ago. Was slightly horrified to find that they now come in a full bodysuit variety, and in loads of loud patterns and colors. This bold statement was purchased in Granada.

Just like home—you can get pretty personal cakes in Valencia too.

Martha's been spreading the word in Spain too—macaroons are in! These beautiful pastries were spotting in the San Miguel Market in Madrid.

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