Sunday, July 31, 2011

I was in Spain the first half of this month, eating delicious tapas and unique desserts. This meant I didn't cook much, and in truth, I really missed my kitchen. When I came home, I immediately hit the farmers market, only to have the garden catch up the next day and I found myself drowning in fresh produce. Hey, a girl could have worse problems.

All the fresh fruits and veggies got me digging in the recipe binder for the dishes I'd tucked away, earmarked "summer". I tried Broccoli Rabini for the first time—turns out, it's rather bitter and I don't like rapini, but the linguine dish was quite good, and I would definitely repeat this recipe swapping the rapini for spinach. And despite the fact it was 90+ degrees almost every day this month, I made a minestrone soup using fresh tomatoes, green beans and spinach that was shockingly fresh and good. As always, this is just a listing. If you want full recipes email me!

This is the soup that is so amazing. I could eat this every day.
So many things went wrong when I was making this recipe, so I don't know if the failure was me or the recipe. I thought this would be a great after drinking snack for soaking up the alcohol, but instead, this is bread to make you drunk! The wine does something weird when it combines with the bread. Food shouldn't be stretchy. Plus, after baking it, my house smelled like a win-o.
I actually just made a quarter of this recipe in a bread pan and it totally worked. And it was delicious—I ate half the pan (ie. half a bar of cream cheese). So refreshing.

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