Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DIY Summer Camp
Kid's all over the world are enjoying their summer vacation. Which means moms everywhere are beginning to pull their hair out.

I've found these great crafts for kids online. Maybe they can help inspire a quiet and creative afternoon!
Domino Rocks from Martha Stewart: Much in line with Martha's beach games, I think these rocks are beautiful as well as clever and useful!

Paint your own Superhero: I'm a kid at heart, so I fully intend to do this. You can purchase the unpainted wooden people one Etsy.
Firefly Jars: These jars are stunning even without the lightning bugs. But I think this is a beautiful idea. And particularly I love the instructions: "Flick glow-in-the-dark paint onto the inside of a mason jar. Allow to dry."

Make a Terrariums or Herb Garden: Let the kids bring the garden inside! For a how to on terrariums check out Better Home and Gardens.

Also be sure to preserve you summer vacation memories in a memory jar or a shadow box!
Have fun and stay sane!

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