Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey Citizen! Vote!

Tomorrow, voters in Grand Rapids will be
asked to support investment in our Rapid transit system.

I beg of you, choose wisely.

The millage would expand service on all routes, double the number of routes decreasing wait time and increasing hours of operation. It would overall benefit the community for only $17.50 annually.*

With gas prices reaching well over $4.00 this week, this blogger is currently seeking alternative modes of transportation. This millage vote could not come at a better time.

Please take 4 minutes and 9 seconds to watch this video demonstrating what public transportation once meant for Grand Rapids—and what such a network would mean today.

To quote Fred, "I'm not a real political person", but come on Grand Rapids, we are NOT a dying city—it's time to revitalize ourselves, gather the troops and head to the polls. Vote Yes on The Rapid.
*Cost to the average household
Note: Seeing them rip out a highly effective public transportation system and knowing the less than sufficient public parking we have today, I was reminded of the movie Who Killed the Electric Car. If you haven't seen it, rent it on your way home from the polls.

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