Monday, April 18, 2011

April marks a year since I gave up meat.

When I first told people I was doing this, many of the reactions were straight-up laughter, followed by a long pause when they realized I was serious. "But Danny, you love hamburgers", was what I was reminded of most often.

I think there was a lot of doubt that I would actually follow through. To my credit, there's been very few cheats over the last year, and ultimately aside from the first 2-week withdrawal period, it really hasn't been difficult. And while I haven't decided what my meat dietary stance is going to be long-term, for now I'm sticking to sans-meat.

To honor the classic sandwich of which I remain such a fan, I've decided to inaugurate Burger of the Week. And for this premier I will feature a cheesy snack you can keep in your pocket:
The Toddland Cheeseburger Wallet from Urban Outfitters.

You're probably thinking, but, Danny, you can still have burgers- tempeh burgers, veggie burgers, mushroom burgers, black bean burgers. Yes, yes, I've searched high and low, and while I've had some delicious sandwiches, nothing replicates the mouth-watering goodness of a greasy ketchup+mustard flavored, cholesterol infused slab on a sesame seed bun.

And many of you are probably wondering why I'm depriving myself of something I obviously love so much. I didn't give meat up out of concern for my own health and the products I consume (though the more I learn, the happier I am that these "additives" are not in my diet) but rather, the decision was made in response to the meat industries mistreatment of animals. Specifically influenced by this video from

I'm not here to tell you what to eat, or even to get into a political discussion. I'm just sharing my solution to satisfying a craving. It's Burgers for Design, rather than for Lunch.



  1. Happy anniversary, I specifically remember saying "But, Danny, you LOVE burgers!"
    Apologies if I was a naysayer, congrats on a meat free year. Wish I had the same amount of control and goodwill!

  2. I think it was more skepticism than naysaying! And skepticism can be great motivation— I love proving people wrong!

    As a side note, I had a health screening yesterday. It seems that my sans-meat diet has been very good to my cholesterol. Score.