Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There's a not-so-new Barnes & Noble at Woodland Mall, that I had yet to peruse so I stopped by tonight to give it a once-over. I was shocked to discover an entire section, including 6 quite large shelves titled "Teen Paranormal Romance" and "*New* Teen Paranormal Romance".

To give you some perspective, there was also 6 shelves for Art/Design/Architecture/Photography. Apparently these two categories are comparable.

It wasn't the presence of these novels that surprised me—I've read Twilight (multiple times) and Hunger Games—I'm not immune. It was the vast quantity as well as the title... "Paranormal Romance". Is that a thing???
Anyhow, I blogged before about how how they were redesigning the Classics covers, such as Wuthering Heights, to mimic the styling of the Twilight franchise. I had mixed feelings on this. But I decided tonight, that it's a fantastic ploy. Because suddenly, I desperately wanted to reread Pride & Prejudice. A simple cover redesign made these books seem current and relevant.

So is it time to trade in vampires for petticoats?


  1. different strokes. for me, i feel like i'm being offered cheap romance novels because of how exaggerated those colors are.

  2. Well they may be romance novels—but i wouldn't call Austin cheap!