Saturday, March 5, 2011

Play. Just for Laughs.
For the next month UICA is hosting a 19 hole, artist designed miniature golf course. The indoor Putt-Putt game is part of
Gilda's LaughFest. And it's confirmed, the course is a laugh riot.

Top left: GI Putter. (Note the GI's eyeball, not an eye, but rather Kristin's smartly placed wine glass.) Top right: The lazy putter. Bottom left: Kristin celebrates a clean putt at the Wolverine hole. Airborne balls may have been discouraged but getting air during a celebration was more than permitted. Bottom right: Mini mini-golf. Putting at the sunday soup hole with the severed soup ladle.

It was harder than most courses I've played, but it was still a load of fun, and wildly creative. Everything from an enclosed green played with rubber armed putters, to a plinko-style gamble. Cheating may have been involved with most holes, but truthfully, no one cared.

The two holes I enjoyed most were Sunday Soup and Wolverine World Wide's (narcism anyone?). But I can tell you why, Both used custom putters— a shoe putter for Wolverine and a severed soup ladle for Sunday Soup.

If you get a chance to head down to the UICA building over the next few weeks I highly recommend a game. I i personally intend to go back for a rematch. This time, it's me verse the course. Game on.

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