Saturday, January 15, 2011

The last seven days, I've been without a computer. Well, without a properly functioning computer. I'm still not completely sure if I'm back up and running, but I'm trying to be patient as I wait on new software and RAM. But as Blogger works, I'll reflect on some of my recent trauma.

The first couple days it was almost liberating to come home and pick up a book rather than positioning myself back in front of the glow. I still had my cell phone so I could check email, and important things like FaceBook. By day three however, the feeling had lost its sense of liberation and began to turn towards the pit of despair. It was as though someone had removed my arms. I started having severe chest pains–my mental anguish was causing actual physical pain.

Computer hiatus did give me chance channel my inner Martha, and I sat down in front of a different machine—the sewing machine. Now, what I made is a gift, so I can't share it with you (yet), but it felt good to create something using scissors rather than a mouse.

When did the computer become the basis for creating? For 2011, lets step away from the white noise and get back to the essence of craft. I hope by 2012 I'm saying "Facewhat?"

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