Thursday, January 6, 2011

Frothing at the Cup

To date, my most used Christmas gift has been a coffee frother—froth makes everything better. (My most unused gift has been my new treadmill belt. But as New Year's resolutions are now in effect, that will change.)

As I my mind tends to wander at work, I pondered today whether it was possible to froth cocoa with marshmellows. This is what I found out.

Beautiful colors. I think my love for coffee and chocolate have led to a love for the color brown. Or perhaps vice versa.

Left: Shot of espresso with Milk
Large shot of coffee with large shot of hot milk. Gets a nice layer of foam. I sprinkle cinnamon on top, but I have yet to master foam art.

Right: Cocoa
This was a powder cocoa made with half milk, half water. Maybe it would have frothed better with all milk. It also had a dozen marshmellows in it. I thought the marshmellows would create a great sea of foam. But they just vanished—so added sugar and calories with no marshmellowy fun. It did blend real well, and it stayed blended vs. the chocolate floating to the bottom as it sat. That's a plus.

I'll continue to experiment and keep you posted! Apple cider perhaps? Send tips and requests!

Frothing is easy! Get your own coffee frother.

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